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02/5/2020 | Shawn Patrick posted in Marketing, Packaging, Advertising, Beverage Trends, Craft Distilleries, distillery laws

Labeling: The Outside Is What Sells The Inside

Appearances matter, even for craft spirits. While a distillery's success ultimately relies on its product, something still needs to get customers to buy a bottle and give it a chance. That something is often the label. 

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01/7/2020 | Shawn Patrick posted in Marketing, Social Media, Craft Distilleries, Mixed Drinks

Craft Influencers on Social Media

Social Media has given rise to influencers - internet celebrities who gather massive followings based on their interaction with and opinions on products or places. What they say about a product can push it to success or doom it to failure. 

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12/4/2019 | Shawn Patrick posted in Distillery Management, Marketing, Distribution

Relationships between Distillers and Distributors

Few industries have as complicated a relationship with the distribution side of business as distillers. In many states, a distillery isn't allowed to sell directly to the customer. Regulations forcing distilleries to only offer samples about the size of one shot, and only one per customer, are not uncommon. 

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10/17/2019 | Shawn Patrick posted in Marketing, Sustainable Packaging, Distillery, Packaging

Is Sustainable Packaging Right for My Distillery?

Sustainability is being embraced by companies around the world. It makes sense since a clean environment is good for us all. No one wants to see a repeat of the Cuyahoga River Fire. The only way to ensure things like that never happen again is for companies to act in environmentally conscious ways. 

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04/15/2019 | Shawn Patrick posted in Marketing, TTB, Craft Distilleries, liquor manufacturing, distillery laws, distillery operations

5 Tips to Solving Your Craft Distillery’s Biggest Problems

When it comes to dealing with government regulation, firearms and firewater catch the heat. So here’s to craft distilleries and some of the biggest hurdles hopeful hooch makers have to overcome. This industry is definitely not for the lightweight.

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