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Craft Influencers on Social Media

01/7/2020 • Shawn Patrick

Social Media has created a whole new way of marketing for consumer brands. Not only does it give your brand the ability to directly interact with your buyers but it also gives you access to influencers. Influencers hold the power to turn your distillery brand into a must-try, must-have product.

Changing demographics and customer experiences are the driving force behind the increased popularity and use of influencer marketing. Young people don't trust  traditional marketing methods. Instead they're looking for brands to provide an experience backed by real people giving their endorsement.

Influencer Impact on Products

The impact of influencers has had amazing results with some distillers like UK-based Sipsmith. They build strong relationships with influencers and really get buy-in on their gin spirits. Now the brand has a huge following and more people are trying their spirits because of social media. 

Consumers trust the word of peers through online reviews, ratings, suggestions, and influencers. But they're also selling the experience of the product. It might be a life of luxury or a dream job playing video games or watching movies and TV for a living. Many of their followers enjoy getting a glimpse into their extravagant lifestyle or want to live vicariously through these internet celebrities. When an influencer uses a product, many people will try it themselves to get a bit of that experience.

Influencer Risk 

As useful as influencers are for increasing a brand’s public profile and reach, they aren’t without risks. A distillery’s brand will be linked to the influencer promoting it. Should the influencer become embroiled in a scandal, your distillery could suffer collateral damage via guilt by association. 

Influencers are also not employees and may decide to take their message in a different direction. Keep in mind that Influencers are using your spirits to help their business as much as you are using their social media reach to improve yours. Their following is important so if they get push back from their following about a product they're pushing, they'll likely drop the product or give it a poor review. So it's important that your ideals are aligned with whomever you get as an influencer.