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Hard Seltzer A Trend You Wont Want To Pass On

02/5/2020 • Shawn Patrick

The past several years has been incredible for alcohol sales, but none greater than hard seltzers. This latest alcoholic beverage trend has taken the world by storm and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. According to Business Insider, the hard seltzer market is currently worth $550 million and is expected to exceed $2.5 Billion by the end of 2021. Stores are struggling to keep shelves stocked as demand continues to outrun supply. But what is making this drink so popular? A few reasons may be that hard seltzers are great tasting, trendy, and commonly viewed as a healthier alternative to beer.

A Refreshing Taste

Think back to the time you tasted your first soda. What are some things that come to mind? It might be the sweetness of an ice-cold Coke or the bubbles fizzling up as the soda hits the tip of your tongue. Whatever it may be, people are reminded of happiness. Hard seltzer beverages are attempting to bring back those memories and revive them with an alcoholic twist.

Hard seltzers have a sweet taste with that carbonated bubbly touch and people are dying to have more. Of course, not all them taste great, but many prefer this alcoholic beverage over a flat tasting beer or a strong-tasting spirit. It has a refreshing taste that triggers positive emotions often reminding them of a hot summer day at the beach or a weekend pool party with friends.

No Laws with White Claws

Most people have heard someone say a slogan or meme that’s associated with hard seltzer brands such as “No laws with White Claws” or “It’s a White Claw summer.” As annoying or overused they may sound, you have to admit - it’s catchy. Imagine how many shares on Facebook or retweets on Twitter these memes have had. If I had to guess, it would probably in the millions. When products become trendy, people can't wait to try it; they want to share that experience with everyone else. As a result, hard seltzer brands continue to grow in the market and are selling like crazy.

Healthy Life Equals Happy Life

With the start of a new year, thousands are pledging to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. The good news for alcoholic beverage connoisseurs is that hard seltzers are here to save the day. Whether your drink of choice is a glass of wine, whisky, or beer, hard seltzer provides a healthy alternative. First off, hard seltzers are low in calories. The average number of calories contained in a hard seltzer is around 100. Although most light beers have around 95 calories, a glass of wine has about 125 calories. Secondly, hard seltzers contain way less carbs. Most beers have about 10-15 carbs per drink. Hard seltzers only have about 2 carbs per drink.

When people go out to drink, most fear waking up the next day with a terrible hangover. Let go of that hangup when drinking a hard seltzer. Most hard seltzers contain less than 1 gram of sugar which is surprising when you think about the sweetness and fruitiness of these drinks. It's also important to note that the alcohol content of a hard seltzer is around 5% ABV compared to a glass of wine at 15% ABV. Hard seltzer is a great alternative alcoholic beverage whether you’re trying to get back in shape or simply enjoying a nice summer day at the beach.


It might be worthwhile to look into creating a branch for hard seltzers in your portfolio. Business Insider has stated that hard seltzer sales have increased by 200% in the last year and they don’t show signs of stopping. As the popularity of this new alcoholic beverage continues to grow among consumers, so does the opportunity for business. Investors who see the enormous growth in market-share of hard seltzers will be more likely to agree to terms with your business. Hard seltzers are trendy, tasty, and a healthier alternative in today’s world of alcoholic beverages that’s here to stay. It is up to you to decide if, how, and when your brand will jump on the hard seltzer bandwagon.