02/17/2016 Shawn Patrick

Combat the Most Common Craft Distillery Headaches

The TTB presents a great deal of frustration for most distillers. Complicated laws and regulations, varying tax amounts, due dates, and other compliance issues can make anyone want to pull their hair out. Between the TTB and state regulations regarding the three-tier system, there's a lot to manage. Having a solid distillery management software can take some of that burden off.

Distillery Specific vs. General Software

Craft distilling is certain an art, and with this art comes specific regulations that distillers must not only adhere to, but also report to various government agencies.  This makes a clear need for a program specifically designed for the intricacies of the particular niches.

With software built on SAP or another similar conglomerate software, you'll have the capabilities and data that will surely make your accounting team happy, but it may be lacking in the specifics a distillery needs regarding warehousing, inventory management, and manufacturing processes.

Focus on Your Craft, Not Your Reporting 

The nightmare that is inventory control and government reporting in the craft industry is not only frightening, it is downright overwhelming.  One simple slip up on a spreadsheet could end up critical—both for your distillery and your health. 

Online software solutions that are making their way into the industry have helped many distillers streamline their reporting process from grain to bottle.  With reporting time downsized, your focus can stay on creating a superior product that your customers will enjoy. Many distillery management software platforms offer automated report building, but you often need to still log into to submit. OnBatch offers one-click reporting with our integration - you don't even need to leave the platform to submit. 

Stop the TTB Nightmare 

Between state regulations and Federal taxes, compliance can be a huge nightmare. Opting for a 21st century approach to reporting means gone are the days of binders full of spreadsheets and days of playing hide and seek with daily report logs to get every little thing noted.

Simplify Inventory Control 

We all know that inventory control can take the joy out of craft creation.  Focusing on every grain placed into your product can become tedious and exasperating—especially when there are communication breakdowns between distiller and inventory manager.  

The common cycle of inventory management goes as follows:  purchasing and receiving, production and packaging, and sales and shipment—it’s a continuous cycle that just keeps restarting.  With a solution developed to focus on every facet of inventory control, you can manage your product and forecast future orders without spending hours tracking down distillers to ask them what they forgot to write down.   

With a software system in place inventory is constantly replenished and managers' focus can be utilized in more productive ways. A clear picture of what is being used allows better opportunity for forecasting sales. A sense of foresight will certainly help speed up production and increase sales volume. 

There's a reason that old school moonshiners hid their distilleries in the woods; they needed the necessary time and solitude to focus on their craft (and of course moonshining wasn’t legal).  But like any business that falls under stringent regulations, reporting can easily overtake the joy of the job.   

Luckily, the 21st century can help alleviate the frustrations that accompany craft distilling.  Choosing to utilize distillery management software can simplify the mountains of regulations distillers have to deal with.

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Shawn Patrick

Written by Shawn Patrick