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Hooch App

04/9/2018 • Shawn Patrick

Before we became OnBatch, we developed a clean, simple to use productivity calculator for distillers. You don’t even need to be a client to use it - it’s free for everyone.

Productivity apps are everywhere these days. There’s an app for managing your CRM, social life, social media output, team tasks, and the list goes on. It makes sense that there should be a productivity app for distillers too. 

Once you download from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, you can manage your measurement settings. They can be changed from metric or standard, proof or ABV, specific or Brix. 

With your settings selected, input your data into one of the many calculators to get actual proof, alcohol by volume, gauging, adjustments, and so on. If you need to proof up or down, do some blending, decrease or increase gravity, and more, this is the app to use. There’s even quick conversions for density, volume, mass, and temperature. 

We know many people depend on our app to make fast conversions and calculations for their batches. When we decided to switch from HoochWare to OnBatch, we knew we didn’t want to change the app that many people have come to love. That’s why we’ve decided to keep the HoochWare app as it is and make upgrades periodically. 

Because the HoochWare app is used for calculations, you can use it no matter what batch manufacturing software your distillery uses. It’s compatible with our brand new OnBatch software, as well as other systems on the market. We believe that everyone should have access to such a useful tool.

To download the HoochWare app, please visit the app store on your device. With over 1000 downloads, we think it’s a good idea. We also invite you to schedule a demo if you’re interested in learning more about OnBatch and how you can implement our new intuitive software solution.