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5 Ways Distillery Software Simplifies Running a Craft Distillery

11/15/2017 • Shawn Patrick

Running a distillery is hard work. The best distillery software simplifies everyday tasks and works behind the scenes to make the whole production and business run like a well-oiled machine. Literally. When you're sizing up your software options, make sure they offer these 5 key features.

1. Inventory Management and Tracking

One thing the TTB will check is if a distillery is keeping precise records of ingredients and additives to any spirit made. Look for distillery software that tracks and monitors raw material inventory. This includes batch ingredients and packaging materials for semi-finished and finished goods. It's an added bonus if they also notify you when you're at or below your critical stock levels so you never worry about running out of materials.

2. Product Flows

Craft distilleries aren't all big operations but that doesn't mean you don't need advanced workflows to manage your production. Build out the master product flow of your recipes then create a batch by selecting the equipment and ingredients then watch your production happen. Your software pick gets extra points if they manage your batch costs along the way - with labor and utilities included.

3. Finished Product Records

Keeping track of your finished products, shipping, and managing your contacts can feel like a huge task that you just don't have time for. Your distillery management software should make all of that easy with built in sales forms, a CRM, and bonded warehouse management. 

4. Transfer In Bond

It isn't uncommon for small distilleries to bring in base spirits produced from an outside source. When that happens, the original producer should send the Transfer In Bond documents with it. That paperwork shows vital information like proof, amount of gallons, the type of spirit received among other things. Look for distillery management software that allows you to create TIBs with options to be the consignor or the consignee. 

5. Monthly TTB Reports

All of this paperwork can back up on you and leave you doing a whole month's worth of reports on that final day to submit. If anything else goes wrong that day, you're stuck between a leaky roof and a stack of paperwork. Eliminate that entirely with a software solution that automates your reports in real-time as production is happening throughout the month. Your software should make submitting those reports to TTB simple too. OnBatch has a one-click submit to TTB with the integration. You don't need to leave the app or sign in to to copy/paste or use a Chrome extension. It's all right there for you in the app.
Connect with OnBatch Complete and accurate paperwork and bookkeeping takes up too much time if you're still using spreadsheets. Distillery management software gives you the freedom from building reports, manages your inventory and ensures every batch is quality with product flows and batch management. So when you're vetting all of the distillery management software options, consider these five things that are essential to your success.