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Three Ways to Increase Sales During Covid Halloween

10/8/2020 • Krista Myles

We were all hoping Covid-19 would be over by the start of summer, now it’s looking like it might be with us into the holiday season. Halloween will kick off the holiday season with regular festivities slashed. Restaurants, craft distilleries, and bars are still affected by the virus but there are things you can do to boost your holiday sales and maintain production levels at your distillery or brewery.

Socially-Distanced Costume Party

Throw a social distanced Halloween party in your tasting room or outdoor seating area. Entice guests to wear costumes that are in themselves social distancing and offer prizes for the best costumes that keeps people away. With that as your theme you can still host an event while ensuring your guests will social distance because of what they're wearing.

Trick or Treat Spirits

Consider putting together adult trick or treat baggies. If kids won’t be allowed to trick or treat in person, their parents will be home with them and surely in need of some libations. Most cities and states are allowing liquor delivery these days. Make the most of it with Halloween themed drink specials and food to match.

Themed Small Batches

Plan an October or autumn-themed small batch. Experiment with some unique fall flavors in your spirits that isn’t just adding pumpkin to everything. The industry is already inundated with it. Kick your brand interest up a notch with some interesting fall spices like clove, pepper, or nutmeg. Introduce brown butter or maple syrup. There’s also a variety of great autumn fruits that don’t get near enough attention. Consider doing a small batch with some carrots, pears, or figs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with things you think would taste great.


Covid-19 has really thrown a wrench into everyone’s plans this year and the thought of going through the holiday’s with the virus still around is downright depressing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it cool for your customers. Hosting a social distanced costume party, adult “treat” bags, and experimental fall small batches are all great ways to make the most of the upcoming holidays. Take some risks, have some fun, and a happy Halloween.