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01/9/2018 | Shawn Patrick posted in Distillery Software, Government Regulations, Excise Tax, Inventory, TTB Reporting, TTB Audit, Inventory Records

Simplify Year End Paperwork

In all honesty, the thing that your distillery relies on the most, aside from the actual liquor it makes and the people who make it, is records. Nothing else you do will matter if all the proper paperwork and documents made for every step in the distilling process aren't in order and 100% accurate.

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08/16/2016 | Shawn Patrick posted in Distillery, Government Regulations, TTB Reporting, TTB Audit

What You Need to Know When the TTB Calls

We all know what the TTB is, and we also know that we will all get a visit from them one day. It’s an unavoidable part of running a distillery. A lot of owners like to put on a brave face, and act like getting audited is no big deal. All their books are in order, and they got nothing to hide. The same can be said of most distilleries, but dealing with an agency that has that much power over your livelihood is nerve-racking on principle. 

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03/10/2016 | Shawn Patrick posted in TTB Reporting, TTB Audit, Inventory Records, DSP Transfers

6 Common TTB Compliance Issues (And How to Avoid Them)

Running a successful craft distillery requires the mastery of two things: recipes and record keeping. Not only are distillers concerned with creating mouth-watering products that consumers will love, but they also need to essentially track the lifespan of every bottle produced — from its time in the still to the moment it’s placed in a buyer’s hands. A lot goes into making sure a distillery is in compliance with Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) regulations, and not keeping the right records can be costly in the event of an audit.

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02/17/2016 | Shawn Patrick posted in Distillery Software, Inventory, TTB Reporting

Combat the Two Most Common Headaches for Distillers: TTB Reports and Inventory Control

Common Frustrations for Craft Distillers Solved  

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