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07/14/2020 | Krista Bennett posted in Distillery Management, Fun Facts, Distillery Software, Distillery, Press Release, Craft Distilleries

Hoochware Releases New Software, Showcases New Name

Athens, Georgia, Release: July 13. For Immediate Release

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08/16/2018 | Shawn Patrick posted in Fun Facts, Spirits, Moonshining

Why is Moonshine Called Moonshine?

Everyone at some point in their life, probably several points really, will stop and ask, “Why is such and such called X, Y, or Z?” Sometimes the answer is pretty straightforward, like pizza being the Italian word for pie. Other times, the answer isn’t so simple. Case in point – the word moonshine. The origin and meaning may not be what you expect, or even what you think you might know.

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05/14/2018 | Shawn Patrick posted in Fun Facts, liquor manufacturing, Mixed Drinks, Whiskey

Quality Isn't Cheap--But it Can Be Affordable

If there is one negative thing that craft spirits can't help, it's a higher price tag. Not very many labels are as friendly to the consumer bank account as they'd like to be. It’s understandable, once you consider why that is. Craft distillers are small operations. They don’t have acres and acres of vats and rackhouses that they can use to bring down costs on sheer scale alone. Most don’t have the national or international distribution and marketing arms that the big companies have. The other significant cost factor is quality. Genuine quality isn't cheap and not something that can be done on the same scale of the major brands.

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