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02/5/2020 | Shawn Patrick posted in Marketing, Packaging, Advertising, Beverage Trends, Craft Distilleries, distillery laws

Labeling: The Outside Is What Sells The Inside

Appearances matter, even for craft spirits. While a distillery's success ultimately relies on its product, something still needs to get customers to buy a bottle and give it a chance. That something is often the label. 

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10/1/2019 | Shawn Patrick posted in OSHA, Distillery, TTB, distillery laws, Craft Distillery Startup, distillery operations

OSHA and Distilleries

Safety in distilleries is and should be a primary concern for any owner and manager. Not only is watching out for all your worker's well being the moral thing to do, it's also cost-effective. Maintaining an OSHA compliant distillery is essential to saving money and maintaining a safe and happy work environment for your employees.

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04/15/2019 | Shawn Patrick posted in Marketing, TTB, Craft Distilleries, liquor manufacturing, distillery laws, distillery operations

5 Tips to Solving Your Craft Distillery’s Biggest Problems

When it comes to dealing with government regulation, firearms and firewater catch the heat. So here’s to craft distilleries and some of the biggest hurdles hopeful hooch makers have to overcome. This industry is definitely not for the lightweight.

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04/9/2018 | Shawn Patrick posted in Distillery Software, Inventory, distillery laws

Hooch App

Before we became OnBatch, we developed a clean cut, simple to use productivity calculator for distillers. You don’t even need to be a client to use it - it’s free for everyone.

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01/9/2018 | Shawn Patrick posted in Distillery Software, Excise Tax, Inventory, TTB Reporting, TTB Audit, Inventory Records, Craft Distilleries, distillery laws

Simplify Year End Paperwork

In all honesty, the thing that your distillery relies on the most, aside from the actual liquor it makes and the people who make it, is records. Nothing else you do will matter if all the proper paperwork and documents made for every step in the distilling process aren't in order and 100% accurate.

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