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10/31/2018 | Shawn Patrick posted in Craft Drinks, Distillery, Craft Distilleries, Whiskey

Technical Hooch

One of the most annoying aspects of craft distilling is how so many people who enjoy what a label makes have no idea exactly how much actual craft there is to it. The blending of science and art is unreal.

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08/21/2018 | Shawn Patrick posted in Craft Drinks, Distillery Management, Excise Tax

Craft Spirits and the Local Economy

We all know that the world is a much smaller place than it was a generation ago. There is  more  international trade, and with online sites like eBay and Etsy, even granny can take her arts & crafts global. As real and impactful as this global economy is, the most important thing to the vast majority of people is their own personal economy. They want to be securely employed, they want the same for their friends and neighbors. They want their community to grow and be prosperous.  A distillery is an excellent way to ensure all three of these personal economic wants are met. 

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