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10/8/2020 | Krista Bennett posted in Distillery, COVID-19, Beverage Trends, Holiday

Three Ways to Increase Sales During Covid Halloween

We were all hoping Covid-19 would be over by the start of summer, now it’s looking like it might be with us into the holiday season. Halloween will kick off the holiday season with regular festivities slashed. Restaurants, craft distilleries, and bars are still affected by the virus but there are things you can do to boost your holiday sales and maintain production levels at your distillery or brewery.

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02/5/2020 | Shawn Patrick posted in Marketing, Packaging, Advertising, Beverage Trends, Craft Distilleries, distillery laws

Labeling: The Outside Is What Sells The Inside

Appearances matter, even for craft spirits. While a distillery's success ultimately relies on its product, something still needs to get customers to buy a bottle and give it a chance. That something is often the label. 

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02/5/2020 | Shawn Patrick posted in Distillery, Packaging, Advertising, Beverage Trends

Hard Seltzer A Trend You Wont Want To Pass On

The past several years has been incredible for alcohol sales, but none greater than hard seltzers. This latest alcoholic beverage trend has taken the world by storm and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. According to Business Insider, the hard seltzer market is currently worth $550 million and is expected to exceed $2.5 Billion by the end of 2021. Stores are struggling to keep shelves stocked as demand continues to outrun supply. But what is making this drink so popular? A few reasons may be that hard seltzers are great tasting, trendy, and commonly viewed as a healthier alternative to beer.

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05/8/2018 | Shawn Patrick posted in Marketing, Distillery, Beverage Trends, Craft Distilleries, Mixed Drinks

Themed Distilleries

Themed distilleries are a less common way for distilleries to stand out and increase traffic to their tasting room. But it's typically a drive for high quality that craft distilleries typically try to set themselves apart. The thing with that is, quality stops being a standout feature when every other craft distiller can rightfully claim the same thing.

The need for brands to stand out has given rise to unique blends and infusions. Unfortunately these are usually single product specific. As amazing as one bottle of uniquely blended or infused spirit may be, it doesn’t help all the other products from that brand fly off the shelves. Which is why some distilleries are looking to themes to enhance and drive the entire brand.

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